Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi

Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi

President, Beirut Arab University

Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi is the current president of BAU. He has advanced the University’s accomplishments towards excellence in teaching, research, and services. Under his leadership, BAU has pursued initiatives to achieve quality in governance, education, and research; improve student and staff services; and promote stronger relationships with alumni and national and international organizations. During his early tenure, El-Adawi has launched a long-term planning process of a new strategic vision for BAU (2007-2012), whose success followed with the development of BAU strategy (2013-2020).

Before serving as President of BAU, El-Adawi was the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University and previously the Vice Dean of the Faculty. El-Adawi was also a Member of the Supreme Committee for Promotion of Academic Staff in Egyptian Universities (2008), the President of the Quality Assurance Council at the Faculty of Engineering, and a member of the Engineering Division Council at the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. El-Adawi also served as a panelist, external examiner, and referee in various conferences and academic institutions.

El-Adawi emerged as a widely recognized expert in city planning, landscape architecture, urban design, public building and housing design with academic interests the cover the quality of built environment, the architectural design process, water courses in the urban context, the development of historic sites, and architecture of waterfronts. He is also the author of several research studies.

At the national level, El-Adawi has provided architectural consultancy services to the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, the Ministry of Culture of Egypt, the Governorate of Alexandria, and the Mubarak City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications as well as Alexandria University. El-Adawi was the primary contributor in putting together the future vision for Alexandria 2050. He acted as a member in various committees including the High Supreme Court for Values, the Judging Committee for the Alexandria Competition – Future Prospects, and the Evaluation Committee for Studying the Technical Offers/ Presentations of the Proposals to the Land of the Al-Almaeen Hotel, Northwest Cost. El-Adawi is a member in various cultural clubs including the Friends of the Environment Group, the Friends of Music and Arts Group, the Alexandria Sporting Club, the Egyptian Shouting and Fishing Club, the Egyptian Yacht Club, and the Alexandria Social Club.

After receiving a BA from the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University, El-Adawi obtained an M.Sc. in Architecture from Alexandria University in 1980 and a PhD in Urban Design from Liverpool University, England in 1986. He rose through the ranks to full professorship in 1997. El-Adawi received the University of Alexandria Honorable Prize, The State Prize for Urban Landscape, the Islamic Capitals and Cities Award for the development of the Al-Mahmoudia Canal Project, and the Farsey Architectural Prize for Excellence. He designed major projects including the Development Project for the Al-Mahmoudia Canal, the Al-Moaz Street in the Islamic Cairo, the International Garden of Alexandria, the Tourism Development Plan for the Coast of Rashid, the Tourism Development Project for the Valley of Al-Natroun, and others.

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